Today, the use of aircon in big cities like Singapore is familiar. Not only offices, even homes, and apartments usually provide aircon facilities. This is due to the density of population in small countries such as Singapore, while the demand for clean air is also high find more . A closed tall building with many employees will not use enough fans. They need a cold room to keep working concentrated. Likewise the occupants of the house or apartment. They also need a comfortable place to live so they use aircon facilities.

Aircon is the same as other items that need to be maintained regularly. Moreover, the aircon is quite vulnerable to dirty air. So maintenance of the aircon by cleaning it is very necessary. Actually, how important is taking care of the aircon? You can read this article to find out more.

Doing AC service You don’t need to wait for the AC to break or even have problems. Even though the air conditioner looks clean, it’s not necessarily clean. AC can be a gathering place for fungi and bacteria. Fungi and bacteria gather because the inside of the air conditioner is moist, causing mold and mold to appear. Fungi and bacteria will cause various kinds of diseases that are harmful to health such as sinusitis or skin diseases

Also, pay attention to the rust that might appear on the air conditioner. The inside of the AC exposed to air condensation and freon causes rust can appear on the iron in the air conditioner. If these particles rust, the air will blow and your chance to suck these particles is very high. It’s even more dangerous you don’t know, even though when you suck this rusty ticket into your lungs there will be serious health problems in your nose, throat, and lungs. If the air containing rust is smoked by children, of course, it will be very dangerous, especially for toddlers who have low endurance. To prevent this from happening, you should do regular maintenance, even though the AC does not have a serious problem.